Friday, April 10, 2009

New Review for Metallica The Club Dayz 1982-1984

In 1982 there was an underground movement in San Francisco that was born on the concepts of the NWOBHM, but taken to a whole new level, and Bill Hale was there to document it. Most people have heard the tales and stories of Metallica during the early years, but only have a few pictures and a grainy video to go on. If you were lucky enough to have been a fan in those dayz, Master of Puppets dayz, Black Album dayz, or have just discovered Metallica today, this book is a MUST! The pictorials are so real and raw, that it would even have "The Old Bridge Militia" jaws dropping with amazement. The book is based around 6 gigs starting in September of 1982 to September of 1983. Five out of the six shows are with Dave Mustaine on guitar and the first three are with Ron McGovney on bass and it kind of makes you wonder, "Hey Bill where are the shots with Lloyd Grant?"(Just Kidding). Some of the live shots that he took of the crush of the crowd against the stage, especially at The Old Waldorf show are so intense, that he actually captured a moment in time that makes you feel the energy and passion that Metallica had created between themselves and the Bay Area Faithful....Simply Amazing! One of the special moments in the book is the photo documentation of Cliff Burton's first gig with Metallica. Bill Captured the bell bottomed free spirited bass player back stage moments before he took the stage for the first time! That is not only Metallica history, but that is Rock & Roll history! "The Young Metal Attack" was just about to be transformed and ready for takeoff and it was it was all caught on film. Another very notable shot, which is almost like catching KISS without their makeup on in the 70's, is Dave Mustaine and Kirk Hammett backstage together, when Kirk was in Exodus and they were opening for Metallica. The beginning of the book starts with a few memoirs, most notably with Ron Quintana from "Metal Mania" fame. This is the man who coined the term Metallica, which now is a household name. It's was great reading his recounts on the early dayz. Lastly, this book is just as much Rock & Roll history as when The Beatles played The Cavern Club all those times in their early dayz, but the only difference is, Bill Hale was not there to document the ride!

Thank You Bill Hale for opening up your vault! MUYA!
Peter Rod-New York