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Thanks to J. Stuart for this review of Metallica The Club Dayz 1982-1984

5.0 out of 5 stars A great, book, from someone there at the time, March 8, 2012
J. Stuart (County Down)

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This review is from: Metallica: Club Dayz 1982-1984 (Paperback)

I don't know if books with pictures would be to everybodys tastes, sometimes they wouldnt be mine, but I think this book was great, as it offered a different perspective of metallica, and the thrash scene at the time, the pictures are annotated nicely, with the photographer giveing his take on things back in those days, and it helps that there is a lot of pictures that people will probably not have seen before.

I think this is a nice footnote in the history of metal, in a way you need these footnotes, to record a time when bands were starting out before they hit the big time.

Thanks to Mr. G. Hill for this review of Metallica The Club Dayz 1982-1984

5.0 out of 5 stars Rare and Exciting Photos that you won't see from Metallica, January 4, 2012
Mr. G. Hill (Australia)

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This review is from: Metallica: Club Dayz 1982-1984 (Paperback)

After being disinterested with my "Ultimate Metallica" Photograph book by Ross Halfin I had almost given up my conquest of finding interesting Metallica photographs that didn't contain poor forewords, captions and hundreds of repeat photos, not to mention airbrushing.

Fortunately a friend spoke up and led me in a positive direction...I was brought into the world of Bill Hale and some wonderful photos that really captured and captivated. Beautiful spontaneity that you want from a picture that can speak a thousand words.

This book contains photos that you will not see if published by Metallica, as anyone with inside knowledge of Metallica's inner workings you will understand that "Photo Approval" can sometimes mean that the chain of command often goes to the very top, which means Lars Ulrich. Lars controls photo approval just like he controls the Set-List at every Metallica show, because he can.

Inside this book you'll see photos that may be 30 years old but only now are seeing light today thanks to the work of the author and snapshots that were taken.

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised because some of the photos were a great tribute to the past, and if you are a fan of Dave Mustaine you will absolutely love this book as it shows Dave with the band in quite some candid alcoholic fuelled photography back when these guys played the clubs just for beer money or a few drinks at the bar.

Concluding, this is a rare insight and even the most diehard Metallica or Megadeth fan will be surprised at the amount of photographs that they have never seen.
I'm pretty sure my peers agree with me as every review on Amazon has given this book 5 stars and why wouldn't you? It's a glimpse into a past that many still reminisce about.
Well worth the price!

Thanks to Shockwaves for this great review of Metallica The Club Dayz 1982-1984!

5.0 out of 5 stars Bill Hale is a photo genius!, February 21, 2011

This review is from: Metallica: Club Dayz 1982-1984 (Paperback)

Bill Hale is one of the greatest metal photographers of our time. As a rock photographer since the late '70s shooting everyone from Black Sabbath, Queen, Judas Priest, UFO and Thin Lizzy in their prime, and living around the Bay Area at the time, Bill was one of the few to visually capture the beginning of the thrash metal movement in the early '80s and was perhaps the first photographer to capture the early days of METALLICA! This book features brilliant photographs from the very first shows Metallica ever played in the Bay Area with original bassist Ron McGovney and original guitarist Dave Mustaine on through the first club shows with Cliff Burton and the very first show featuring Kirk Hammett (on the "Kill 'Em All For One" Tour w/ opening for Raven). The book contains not only groundbreaking live photos from the band performing at legendary SF clubs The Stone, The Old Waldorf and Ruthies but also great backstage and off-stage photos of a then-unsigned "garage band" who would eventually take over the world! Bill Hale was there from the very beginning to visually capture Heavy Metal History! A Must Buy for the true Metallica fan!!

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Thanks to Sophia The Gypsy Poet for promoting both Megadeth Another Time A Different Place and Metallica The Club Dayz 1982-1984!

Thanks Sophia The Gypsy Poet!

Thanks to Harvester of Sofia for this interview with Bill Hale on Metallica The Club Dayz 1982-1984!

Bill Hale: Heavy Metal history was made in Sofia in 2010

The famous photographer from the early Metallica days reveals his memories in an interview for Harvester of Sofia
It is a great honor for Harvester of Sofia to meet you with Bill Hale. He is the renown metal photographer Bill Hale during the band’s formative years in the Bay Area club circuit between 1982 and 1984. As chief photographer of Metal Rendezvous International, a groundbreaking heavy rock magazine that was published throughout the ’80s, Bill Hale was given unlimited access to hang out with and photograph this then-fledgling metal band. His job at the time was to capture the band onstage and offstage and provide the magazine with unique photographs of the band showcasing their brazen live energy in concert to unveiling some of their crazy and unpredictable backstage antics. Bill Hale was right there from the very beginning, capturing the band before, during and after their performances. He was at every one of their early Bay Area shows, without the safety of a photo pit, crushed among the savage crowd as they head-banged fearlessly to the music of their local heroes.

In 2009 Hale released his book “Metallica: The Club Dayz 1982-1984″. It contains rare and exclusive photographs from six of the band’s earliest performances including their first shows in San Francisco at The Stone and The Old Waldorf which featured the original lineup with Dave Mustaine (guitar) and Ron McGovney (bass), Cliff Burton’s introductory gig with the band at The Stone, the last Metallica show with Dave Mustaine in San Francisco, and Kirk Hammett’s Metallica debut in the Bay area. Most of the photos in this book have never been published and many of the images have never before been revealed to the public.

1) What was the first Metallica song you heard and when? What did you think?
HA… That was “Hit the Lights” and it was over the phone… Lars had called and said something like check this out… They were still in Ron’s house!!!
Totally raw and I think they had to stop because one of Lars’ cymbals came loose and fell off its stand!!!

2) Do you remember your first time when you saw the band live and hоw was concert?
Yes that would be the 1st time Metallica had gigged in San Francisco at the Stone… September, 18th 1982…

3) Have you ever thought in 82-84, that Metallica will become one of the most influential bands in the history of rock music?
I knew that they would make it big… How big only time would tell…

4) Do you still keep in touch with the boys from the band?
I have not seem them in about ten years or so… But I do hear from them through our mutual buddies. Kirk live here in Honolulu, we have some of the same pals but our schedules are very different. I always get emails from friends saying that Lars said “Hi” or James said “Hey”…. I still keep up with Mustaine… Dave wrote the foreword for my next photo book on Megadeth!

5) Do you keep anything valuable from those first concerts – flayer, poster,Lars’s sticks, underwear …?
Yes… somewhere I have lars’ drum sticks…. He use to use Tennis grip tape on his stick, you know the green kind… And have flyers and autographs from them with Ron and Dave…

6) Do you think that rock and metal word would be so popular nowadays without the appearance of Metallica? Would the heavy music ever become mainstream without them?
Yes I do… Hard Rock and Heavy Metal was big before Metallica and if there was not any Metallica some other band would have filled the void… But the more important question should be if Lars had never seen Deep Purple when he was ten would he have still wanted to change from Tennis to the Drums?!?!?

7) What the band owes its huge success over the years. The talent of the musicians, the sense of music, Lars’s management or something else?
Yes Metallica’s success is two fold… Yes Lars had a vision and a game plan but the band owes a lot to its fans and that’s where Metallica is great. Cliff was the one who really started this. He knew that the fans were everything!!! James at a young age had some bad experiences with some BIG ROCK STAR fan club that never wrote back… So the band knows without you, the fans. the band would be nothing… CHEERS!!!

8) What is Metallica personally for you? Did Metallica change your life in some way?
Hum… Metallica was one part of the Bay Area scene back then… We all had a blast, you know, living the “Metal Dream”..
The day that Cliff died, that all changed… We all grew up a bit… We all had to face our own mortality… That life wasn’t all fun and games..

9) Do you know something about Bulgaria? Would you say something special to the members of HOS?
Don’t know much about your country.. BUT on June 22nd, 2010 Heavy Metal history was made in Sofia!!!
I had wished to be there to see Dave jam with James and Lars after all these years!!! That was my Metallica… Lars, Dave, Cliff and James!!!

Cheers, your blog is top notch and all the best with it!
Keep it Heavy ~ Make it Metal

Interview by: ASSSETO

Photos included:
1. Bill Hale promo photo for the Club Dayz book (photo © by Hanna Wilson)

2. Metallica group shot with Ron McGovney at The Old Waldorf, Oct. 18th, 1982

3. Dave and Kirk… This was the only photo with these two until The Big Four shows!!!

4. Cliff and Dave from Cliff’s 1st show with Metallica (3-5-83)

5. The cover to Metallica: The Club Dayz… (ECW Press)