Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thanks to this anonymous Yahoo shopper for the great review!

Many thanks to this anonymous Yahoo shopper for taking the time to write this nice review!

Metallica: The Club Dayz 1982-1984
By Yahoo! Shopping User  Jan 7, 2009
Pros: This book contains many never before seen pictures of Metallica when they were just beginning their career. It's the band's "baby book" and it will be cherished by every Metallica fan, old and new. R.I.P. Cliff Burton.
Cons: Not one comes to mind!
I have had the pleasure of viewing this book in it's digital form and I must say reading about the band, from friends of theirs, in the early days is a treasured experience. The story about Dave Mustaine's exit from the band from different insider's perspectives just may change the history of this band as we know it. Bill's last shot of Cliff Burton alive in this book brings tears to my eyes as I suspect it will to every fan. The photos in this book transcend time and bring the reader back to the early days of Heavy Metal in the 80's. For those of us who had the pleasure of being present it is a real treat. For those who came later, it will be an education into the early roots of a band they have come to love. ENJOY!!