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Thanks to Katherine Li Tsang-Orr of the British Broadcasting Corporation for sharing this photo taken at the Metallica Headquarters

"Spotted Bill's book in Metallica HQ today. You might want to send him this as this is way cool and in the bands lounge area!"

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Thanks to Trebuchet for this great interview and promotion for Metallica The Club Dayz and Megadeth Another Time, A Different Place

Capturing the Moment – Bill Hale Interview

26th Nov 2011 in Culture, by Kailas Elmer

Photographer Bill Hale speaks to Trebuchet about 30 years snapping Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and...

For over 30 years Bill Hale has captured the hairs and prayers of a generation of rock and roll players. He was there and captured the beginnings of the Metallicas, the Megadeths, the Slayers as well as hundreds of other bands that rocked as hard.

After the success of his book Metallica: The Club Dayz 1982-1984 Hale is set to release a second compilation in march. Featuring the other side of the thrash coin Megadeth: Another Time, a Different Place captures Mustaine and co at their fiery best. Bill Hale’s unequalled access to musicians is really a gift to music fans everywhere, especially those who might have been too ‘elevated’ on a particularly historic evening. Talking to Bill you know you’re speaking to one of the warmest and most genuinely positive people on the planet and a photographer par excellence.

bill hale metallicaTrebuchet: What first inspired you to take photos?

Bill Hale: When I was nine or ten my dad gave me a stereo 3d camera, it was very funky, It used 35mm slide film and split the frame in half for the 3d effect. I only took a few rolls with it, mostly on family outings. The first trip was to an orchid farm in Santa Barbara, only two shots really came out but there was one of a palm tree at sunset that was like, WOW! You know that time of day when the sunlight just makes everything "Glow”

The next shot that kept me on the path was on another family trip to Las Vegas. We had made a side trip to the Hoover Dam and made a 3d photo of a warning sign. I don't remember what the sign said exactly but the sign was mounted a bit over the edge, this made for a great 3d shot!

bill haleWhen you were taking those first shots what did taking the photo mean to you?

Bill Hale: It was like "Cool, I took this" but I came to realize what a photo really was; a moment preserved in time, a memory frozen, something that you came to revisit on a cloudy day….

a photograph is not just an image, but what that image can evoke

One of the first concepts I got a hold of at a very young age was that a photograph is not just an image, but what that image can evoke: sadness, happiness, any emotion really. It's truly a great and powerful media!

How did you feel once you saw you’re first prints developed?

Bill Hale: Ha... First, it was like how much did this cost! You know being a kid, money was like, "Mom can I please have some change to get some candy" but when you are talking about 10, 15 or 20 bucks to buy film and then get the roll processed… You better start making sure that you get something on the roll!

I really had no ideal of "f stops" or "shutter speeds" I just matched the needles up and pointed the camera at what I thought was cool.

What was your connection to those early bay area bands (Metallica, Megadeth, DRI)?

Bill Hale: I had a few buddies in High School that always tried to drag me to concerts. Finally I gave in. That was April 1979 and the band was Triumph. It was the loudest thing ever!

I had checked out the school's camera and got two rolls of film, one colour negative and the other was Tri X.

April 1979 and the band was Triumph. It was the loudest thing ever

bill hale 2011The shots were horrible BUT the buzz was awesome! The next year (1980) my (same) buddies and I were talking about how lame the American Rock magazines were becoming. They had no clue about all the cool bands coming out of England at the time you know all that N.W.O.B.H.M. stuff that Sounds magazine covered. We loved all that; Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Saxon, Angel Witch, all that stuff.

So we decided to start our own mag. We called it Metal Rendezvous Int. (1981-89 and 100,000 issues worldwide).

we knew Lars before he formed Metallica

We went to a bunch of gigs, big bands and small bands around 82, a lot of bands my age were starting to play out. You know when you have a mag all the bands are your friends. I mean we knew Lars before he formed Metallica.

He would call the office and keep us posted on the band's going-ons and what not.

We heard the development of their first tune "Hit the Lights" as it was being worked out. All the new and up and coming bands looking for press called on us.

We were like one big gang, the bands, us and the fans. We were all living the Heavy Metal dream! There was a ton of bands in the Bay Area, I think we covered most of the good ones. The Megadeth connection came about when Dave got fired from Metallica. Dave and I were good friends and I had more in common with Mustaine than Lars. I went on to photograph Megadeth up until ‘87ish!

bill hale mustaine Did you realize that you were capturing history with those early shots or was it that you shot as many bands as possible and couple of them got big?

Bill Hale: Yes, not to sound egocentric, but I was a big fan of rock mags and Rock & Roll photography in general. Knowing Jim Marshall's work or Baron Wolman, Henry Diltz and all the great 60's and 70's British photographers (Ethan Russell, Mick Rock, Fin Costello…) and knowing the impact that they and their work had done for their era… This was my generation's time and I felt that I had to do my part and try to make the best images possible! Also being on staff of an up and coming mag didn't hurt.

How did the books come about? Why now – was it from the interest piqued by the exhibitions?

Bill Hale: Everybody I knew from way back in the late 80's would always hound me to do a book. When I left MRV in 1990, I moved to LA to get away from it all. Took some time off and tried to make sense of the last ten years and organize all my photos. That took a few years and I spent a lot of time in my darkroom! Around 1998 computers started to catch up with me and I bought a scanner and scanned and scanned and I'm still scanning. However, I did come up with a retrospective called "PowerSurge". Nobody in the publishing world got it.

Like how could Tom Petty and Slayer be in the same book or Neil Young and Celtic Frost. So I put "PowerSurge" on the back burner and around 2008, Tari received a response to a query in an email from an literary agent asking if we had placed "PowerSurge" yet.

She had a publisher that she thought would be ideal, so that's how ECW Press got involved. Mr Jack David asked if I could cut "PowerSurge" down in half and I did. Then Jack asked if I could produce an all Metallica photo book and I did. So really a lot of the Metallica book credit goes to Jack David over at ECW.

Jack, I don't think is a Metallica fan, and I know for sure that he could not have seen Metallica's "rebirth" as it was! I do know that Jack does have great timing and a great gut feeling as ECW does have some cool titles! Jack is also the one who got the Megadeth book rolling but they passed on it… Shawna, my agent, took this book straight to MTV and they loved it.

The gallery showing at Proud came as a result of the Metallica book and that was my first gallery exhibition! Luisa and the good people at Proud took a chance with my Metallica photos and cheers for that and we even sold a few prints! …and yes, it's very cool to have your hard work listed among some of the greats.

bill hale metallicaSince those early days you’ve taken pictures of many subjects, can you give us a quick run through of what you’ve taken pictures of at various time of your life till now?

Bill Hale: As a boy it was whatever caught my fancy. My teenage years I was a Boy Scout, so trips to camp, Arizona, New Mexico, NYC.

I really got serious in High School… That is also the time when the R&R bug bit me. Spent ten years as the Chief photographer of MRV! The 90s I really got into diversity. Lots of travel shots and I got to explore landscapes again, late 90's I tried my hand at product shots. I produced images for catalogs and such, but I always had a band to shoot.

Most of the 2000's was spent working with Henry Kapono! Henry is a Hawaiian Rock and Roll Legend. I shot a few cd covers and a ton of stuff for his web site and all that social media stuff.

bill hale 2011The last few years I have been keen on Sunsets! Waikiki Beach has some of the best Sunsets in the Late Fall and Winter months. With technology raising the bar on computers and cameras, I can really let my imagination go. I don't see in a single frame anymore when it comes to my land or seascapes. I'm putting out prints that are 19, 20, 25 inches long and consist of 3 to 9 images all complied in photoshop! I like making the large images that are "noise" free! Noise is the film grain of digital photography and is prevalent when a frame is blown up way too big.

What have you learnt about photography from each subject?

bill hale 2011Bill Hale: Aside from a ton of technical stuff… I always have mantras. In the 80's I had three:

“Don't take NO for an answer!"

"I belong here…"

and the most importantly

"If there is a will, there is a way"

Really, starting out as a teenage rock photographer wasn't easy. When you deal with bands your age… ok… but when you come in contact with some salty old road manager, you need all the help that you can get!

when you come in contact with some salty old road manager, you need all the help that you can get

Now it's more like be open, you can plan and set up shots etc., but until you are there clicking away… be open to other possibilities. I'm always pushing my vision, trying to get that much more out of an image. Be open to what the subject has to say and what is calling past the view finder. Really just being open with your eyes, ears and mind… Who knows, you just may get the masterpiece that you were aiming for!

Your recent shots of coastal landscapes are quite calm, as someone known for shooting rock bands what drew you to this subject?

Bill Hale: WOW, thanks Kailas. I really started off looking towards landscapes but the Rock & Roll bug bit me hard. Lately, I have been doing a lot of morning walks and I have a few cool beaches within walking distance so when life gives you beaches….

What are trying to capture in your photography?

Bill Hale: Just what ROCKS to me. Whatever I capture, I want that feeling of WOW! If I don't feel it, I will not show it. I don't photograph for anyone else but me (unless of course, I'm commissioned to).

What is the Bill Hale element in your photography?

Bill Hale: Great question! I want the viewer to feel like they are right there, either up front at a concert or walking on that beach…. If you are going to take the time to view my photos then I really need to put forth the best images possible, right? But the shot has to rock me first.

Do you ever try and play with the composition of your shots?

Bill Hale: Yes, all the time! All the greats that came before me like Edward Weston and Ansel Adams did.

You really want to do all you can for the image at the time of clicking the shutter, as in framing or cropping and exposure. But in "post" editing that is where I can add tone, density and such.

Ansel Adams put a ton of work into each print… dodging, burning and spotting out dust spots

Most people tend not to know, but Ansel Adams put a ton of work into each print… dodging, burning and spotting out dust spots, so I don't understand when some people frown on using photoshop.

For you what is the difference between live band shots and landscapes, and what is the same?

Yes, they are about the same; when you shoot a gig you have to find parking, check in and hope all your passes are in order, gather the band and find a space that looks cool for a group shot, check out the photo pit etc. Then depending on how well you know the band check out spots on the stage to shoot from.

For the Landscapes; finding locations that are less travelled. Getting to your destination a wee bit early, that's if you are doing a shot of a sunrise or sunset and you need to take in account for the time of year, when and where the sun will rise and set.

The Waikiki sunsets are phenomenal as the sun sets right over my favourite spot!

bill hale 2011Is there an area of photography that you’re drawn to at the moment but haven’t investigated till now?

Bill Hale: Yes, want to explore working with models. I told myself when I turn 50 that I could start shooting models. With "Rock Stars" they know and have their own look, right! But to draw this out of a model seems a lot more difficult. So that's what I'm leaning toward next. Anyone can put a model in front of a camera and say "Smile" but to take that and make it visually appealing that's where the magic lies!

Thinking back on your past work, what is it like to revisit those shots taken by a young photographer of young bands?

Bill Hale: Ha! Its twofold. First is how and where did we get the nerve to think that we could pull off this rock and roll thing? We, the bands, the fans and the writers, were all in the same gang so to speak. Especially in the early days, it was not like we are the band and you are the fans. We were all living the heavy metal dream! We were all on the same side. Secondly, it was so organic or pure really we/everyone has no precursors… We just went out and rocked and ROCKED AS LOUD AS WE COULD!

We, the bands, the fans and the writers, were all in the same gang

Have those bands kept in touch with you over the years? Or have you reconnected again recently?

Bill Hale: Oh yeah, with all the social media sites. I'm in contact with a ton of old pals and a few of my heroes in the photography world as well. It's very cool to get to interact with these legends because I'm still a big fan/student of photography and Photographers! (Hey Baron, What's up?)

There seems to be a huge energy captured in those shots, what do you think made those times particularly special?

Bill Hale: We knew no boundaries! We wanted not just to make a name for ourselves but also make a big dent in Rock and Roll… to use a surfing term… It was Our Wave!

Who is Bill Hale outside of photography?

Bill Hale: I'm very much a family man. Have an amazing wife who puts up with me and four children that I lovingly refer to in my postings as "da Kidz”. In producing all my photo books, I can work from home. Tari and I had an ideal that one of us would always be with da Kidz. I still keep up with the music scene. I Love music. With the web nowadays I can find new bands and keep up with old ones, even living on an island. That's so cool to just sit down and see what is going on in the music world.

What does the future hold for you? Next projects, projects outside photography?

Bill Hale: Next photo book is on my photographs of Megadeth and that will drops March 2012 via MTV Press.

I'm knee deep into book #3 tentatively it's a Thrash Metal book but it could be a LA Metal/LA Glam book…

Hopefully get a bit of traveling in also.

Many thanks for the interview.

Bill Hale: Mahalo nui. Thank you very much… this was a very cool interview!

All Photos by Bill Hale.

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Thanks To Curt King and Demolish Fanzine for this promotion!!

We'd like to thank Curt King for his support and this promotion of Metallica The Club Dayz 1982-1984 and Megadeth Another Time, A Different Place!!

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It's Official! Contract For Book #2 Signed with MTV Press!!

It's official! The contract with MTV Press has been signed for Megadeth Another Time, A Different Place!! Now when you go to amazon you can actually see the cover : ) Visit our facebook group or other blog for a complete list of where you can pre-order your copies!!

Facebook group

Megadeth Another Time, A Different Place blog


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Bill Hale's 2010-2011 scenic Hawaiian photography portfolio is now available for viewing and ordering prints!

Portfolio 2010 - 2011


I am very pleased to announce the unveiling of my 2010 - 2011 photography portfolio.
This collection of photographs represents the most inspired and complex body of my work to date. I started shooting for this portfolio back in October 2010. The Fall and Winter sunsets are over Waikiki Beach, mostly on Sunday afternoons and early evenings from Dukes Waikiki, while Legendary Hawaiian super star Henry Kapono performs his weekly gigs there…

Most of the images contain 3 or more photos in a panoramic composite and are lager that the traditional 8X10 format.
For the first time I'm offering print sizes of "12 X 12", "16 X 10" and "18 X12"!
All photos are printed on Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper by myself to insure the highest quality.

The 12 X 12 series consist of 6 prints. All taken in or around the East Oahu coast line. All are multi-layered images compiled in photoshop for a seamless/timeless photocomposition. Why 12 X 12, you may ask? I wanted to reprise the days when I was shooting 120 roll film. I miss the square images that the 2 1/4 negatives would produce.

The ten photographs that make up the 16 X 10 prints are my collection of stunning Waikiki Sunsets and beautiful seascapes from the area surrounding the stretch of beaches from Diamond Head to Kahala/Waialae beach!

The paragon of this collection is my Panoramic photographs…
These are some of my favorite images that I have ever created!
Pulling from my early photographic influences such as Ansel Adams, Edward Weston and Henry Gilpin (Mr. Gilpin was on of my photography instructors when I attended Monterey Peninsula College in Monterey, California). I have infused the classic styles of these master photographers with the technology of today. Where I can envision images, capture them, and in photoshop, compile, size and tone what my mind's eye saw…These extraordinary and remarkable images will be a great addition to any collection.

I also have included in this years portfolio 20 8X10 photographs. These photos represent what I see day to day here in Hawaii. Ranging from stellar sunsets to marvelous ocean coast lines that make up this part of the Island...

All images are to have a print run of 10 numbered additions (1 -10) for public acquisition and 4 letter additions (A - D) for private use.
These photographic images are limited to this collection and will not be made available in this form/style/paper/printer/configuration again…
All photos are signed and numbered by the artist/photographer and come with a corresponding Certificate of Authenticity.

To purchase prints or for more information please contact Tari at

Peace and Much Aloha
Sept. 2011

media web links:

Metallica photos
Megadeth photos
Twitter - @PhotoByBillHale
Facebook groups:
My Metallica book...
My Megadeth book…

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Thanks to Kory Grow and for including Metallica The Club Dayz 1982-1984 in this article!

Thanks to Kory Grow and for including photos from Metallica The Club Dayz 1982-1984 in this article "The Story of the Big Four: Metallica and Slayer, in the Beginning…" and for promoting the book!!

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Thanks to musicomania for this review of Metallica The Club Dayz 1982-1984!

Metallica - The Club Dayz 1982-1984

Metallica - The Club Dayz 1982-1984 (2009) (by Bill Hale)

In the early 1980s, a metal band from Los Angeles moved to San Francisco to join its new bass player. This band was the now famous Metallica and the bassist was the legendary Cliff Burton who was going to die a few years later in an accident. At that time, the quartet was completed by Lars Ulrich on drums, James Hetfield on guitar and Dave Mustaine on guitar. Mustaine would be fired some time later to be replaced by another virtuoso, Kirk Hammett. Mustaine would then form his own band, Megadeth, which would still remain the great rival of Metallica on the Californian thrash metal scene. This book features photos of the band’s debut which quickly became the headliner at the San Francisco clubs. The photographs are offered to us by Bill Hale who was part of the entourage of the band at that time. The comments associated with each photo are very interesting and allow us to immediately grasp the evolution of Metallica over the years. In addition, the introduction of twenty pages even better describes the group at that time and we understand the essence of the band and the environment in which it evolved. Given today's the status Metallica reached in the world of music, it's really interesting to see the environment in which it all began. (February 2011)

112 pages, softcover


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Thanks to Polish fanzine!

Thanks to this Polish fanzine for promoting both Megadeth: Another Time, A Different Place and Metallica The Club Dayz 1982-1984 on their site!!

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Thanks to Atmospheric Magazine in Poland for this interview in issue #17!!

Before we will talk about METALLICA and your book „METALLICA: Club The Dayz, 1982-1984 ”, first I want talk a bit about your person, professional work, curious facts. In the beginning tell, how has been begun your adventure with rock and metal heavy? First fascination, sort of music, favorite band, album, concert...?
Yeah… where to start… I have always loved to photograph, always dug music and always stared at magazines =) So when I was old enough to put all three together… I was a very happy person! The Rock scene of the 1980's gave me the means to do what I loved at the time… ROCK OUT, HELP PROMO BANDS and TAKE A BUNCH OF PHOTOS!!!

And tell about start of your photographing of stars of music? I think, that you started work in „Metal Rendezvous Int.” so fast, am I right? And in this magazine you take a photos professionally, by long years?
To put it in a surfing term… It was Our wave and when the "Big One" comes ya got to ride for all it's worth!!! MRV was at the right time BUT we knew that and wanted to put out the best mag EVER… The timing was right and we had a blast!!!

In this time, when you work in this popular magazine, market of musical press crawled in USA... What do you remember from that those times? It was not internet, informations of music and bands we was dried from radio and magazines like „Metal Rendezvous Int.”. Probably this magazine was very popular and mass reading, respected magazine in USA, hm?
Yeah, it is a real important question! Metal Rendezvous Int. was formed from the need to have a magazine to promote Heavy Metal in the USA… I believe Ron Quintana had Metal Mania a few months before MRV popped out… Brian Slagel had his"The New Heavy Metal Review" before he started Metal Blade, that lasted for 12 issues… But MRV was the HR/HM mag… We really wanted to push all the bands that we loved!!! Yes, before the internet the print word RULED...

Later you worked with other big magazines - „Kerrang!” or „Metal Mania”. Tell about specificity of cooperation with these titles? There were many common features definitely, so can you mention about significant differences?
MRV (Metal Rendezvous Int.) was my main gig… I would see Ron Quintana at gigs and he would ask for pix.. The stuff I did for the other mags was really to help promote the bands I felt were cool and needed a push!!! I really kept my work for my mag...

I`m curious, in your career, you has taken a photos only on concerts and backstage, or also in studio during recording, or in completely private situations (for example on some party), or you took other „affectation” photos for front cover of albums, for press?
Yeah I did the whole lot… album covers, Promo shots… BUT shooting bands, that's what I thought was cool!!! If ya dig deep you will find my work apart from my work with (MRV) Metal Rendezvous Int.

You photographed many known bands, not only METALLICA - BLACK SABBATH, DEEP PURPLE, QUEEN, AC/DC, WHITESNAKE, DORO, ACCEPT, MOTORHEAD, IRON MAIDEN. Work was with which one was for you the biggest honor, challenge, fun?
Being on stage with Whitesnake at a huge out door show in front of 75,000 screaming fans was a real trip!!! I did a photo session with Doro in LA on top of her recording company building that was COOL and so was Doro… she's great!!! Sabbath with Ian Gillan!!! Bon Scott and seeing Phil Lynott in Thin Lizzy TWICE was amazing!!! It was just great to be able to photograph this time!!!

Or maybe work with some band / person was really hard for you? And you didn`t remember this well? You know, some stars are very strange, eccentric, freakish:- ).
Metal Rendezvous Int. was a very cool mag. Almost every band wanted to be in it… So all the bands were great to work with! It was fun to be on staff with that mag!!!

I think, that you are a friend of this all musicians. With who you had the bast personal contact? About who can you say: great guy, pal, not star of rock? You know, I wonder for example... If Freddie Mercury was such too eccentric beyond the stage? If Alice Cooper is the same crazy guy like in stage show? If Ozzy Osbourne in private life is possessed by devil included:-)? And if some other guy from metal bands is churl and aggressor?
Well, Paul Baloff was the craziest "MOFO" ever!!! No one could match him in the "Over The Top" department!!! I still talk to Dave Mustaine, mainly via email.
Alice Cooper was to cool and very intelligent. David Prichard of ARMORED SAINT was one of my best friends… A very sad day when he died… But, as a whole, all the bands back then were very cool!!! Katon from Hirax… he's like my brother!!! Myspace and Facebook has brought many of the 80's rockers back in touch with me… that's cool to get an email from Graham of Saxon or Pat from the Mama's Boys!!!

METALLICA: The Club Dayz, 1982-1984” was out in 2009. Why exactly now, but not e.g. on some jubilee of the band, or anniversary of your work? Why did you published this old, rare photos after so many years?
Actually the timing was perfect! But I did not intend it that way… ECW Press (publisher of this book) had asked my to produce a book of my Metallica photographs. We started in 2008 and worked for an April 2009 release date. I did not know that Metallica was going to be inducted to the Rock and Roll hall of Fame… or the their latest album would be so good… The Metal Godz just smiled on this project…

If all this photos lies on your private archive and even the band dozen`t has them? Do you have also something else? Other unpublished materials about METALLICA?
Just a few… I will use them in a upcoming Bay Area Thrash book…

Probably emotion squeezed your faces, when you choose this photo, hm? E.g. this from 8.12.1986 with Cliff... Memory came back to you, I think, because you participated in births of legends, so? Do you have some favorite photo(s)?
Yeah, that pic that you are talking about of Cliff and Dave Mustaine… Really, I am the only photographer to get Cliff and Dave together by themselves… twice!!! My face is the one I took right after the last show at the Stone before Dave got "Fired".. Cliff, Dave and I were just walking about, when that photo bug hit, and I snapped two shots off!!! I will not tell you who the girl is in those pix but those in the know, know who she is… I have a lot of face shots… way to many to talk about… That's why I'm putting them in the book form, to share them with the rest of the Metal World…

What it was happen in whole, that you was on this first 6 concert of METALLICA and took a photos? Are you a hobbyist photographer, as somebody from newspaper or in other else way?
I was on assignment from my mag Metal Rendezvous Int.. We knew Lars way before he started Metallica… He would call the office and talk about his new band, when they wrote "Hit The Lights" they (Metallica) played it over the phone for Us. Finally when it came time for the band to gig in San Francisco, We were there. Metallica had that Metal "Spark" and the Bay Area insiders all knew that!!! It was way cool to watch the band grow over the next few months to the Monster band that Metallica became!!!

On this old photos we can see young boys, not older then fans. How they were then? Privately, beyond stage? Timid, with inferiority complex? Or they were proud and determined for success? How got back you then?
HA!!! Lars knew that he wanted to be a ROCK STAR… and just went out and did it!!! James was the shy one, Ron was the normal one, and Mustaine was the Metal one. In fact, Dave put the "Metal" in Metallica!!!

Bill, tell some anecdote about early period of activity related with METALLICA. Probalby you was witness of countless exciting situations with the band, musicians. So tell polish fans something, that anybody knows about that and what aren`t in biographies of the band, hm?
YEAH, BUT then I would have to kill ya, ha… The guys in Metallica were the real thing… What you see was what you got. They lived for Metal. The guys were the same off stage as they were on stage… No posing, just METAL!!!

Probably in the last years you meet face to face guys from METALLICA, in more or less official situations, so? How looked these meetings? You sat down, drank and with smile on mouths reminisced the past?
Saw the band a lot in the 80's… James and Lars a few times in the 90's.. saw Kirk the most… Hammett lives here on Oahu but I have not seen him, we have some mutual friends... It's funny that I last saw the band, all in one place, at a UFO gig in 1996, just before "Load" came out and all the "Glam" hair stuff...

I`m sure that you have your favorite album of METALLICA, write the title... I guess that the biggest sentiment do you have to oldest albums and really thrash period of activity, am I right? Did you follow far the next albums and successes of the band? What do you think about all changes in METALLICA music? Do you accept, tolerate it stylistic changes? Because many old fans completely don`t follow now with the band...
Well my fave is "Master of Puppets". That album is the best album of that time period… "Ride" is great BUT "Masters" just rules!!! A band has to grow and they can really only write songs about the "Head Space" that they are in at the time… Metallica has had a great career! Some fans might not like some albums BUT that's life and the band has to to what they feel is best at the time!!! So cheers to Metallica for lasting this long and STILL KICKING A$$

The autobiography of Dave Mustaine „A Heavy Metal Memoir” was out on early june. With your photos too (22). How pleases it it this publication? What is your opinion?
It's cool, Mustaine's cool… I had photographed him from almost the beginning of his career so it's cool… Dave is one of the founders of his type of Heavy Music, Now he is a Metal God, so, that's cool too….

Do you have other in your publishing possessions other albums with photos? If so, you can advertise it now:-)
As of now, I am in negotiations for my 2nd Metal photo book… it's on Megadeth… I should have six, in total, from my 80's metal vaults…

Now, 30 years later you are on deserved pension surely...? Maybe sometime you still in contact with music world, cooperate with some musicians, take a photos on contacts?
Ha… I never though of that… "Heavy Metal Pension"… I still work with bands right now, I mainly work with Henry Kapono. He is a legendary Hawaiian Rock Star! His latest album is called "The Wild Hawaiian"… Image Jimi Hendrix growing up here in Hawaii, full blooded Hawaiian!!! Check him out

What do you think about modern musical scene? Something seems me, that you still like old psychedelic rock bands, and newest bands like KULA SHAKER, hm? However, do you listen from time to time some new albums of young bands? What do you think, if now exists the bands with so charismatic leaders like in `70 years? Do you like someone from young generation of musicians?
I dig new bands like Glyder (Ireland), Muddpiggs (Houston) and The Starz (France) and of course Henry Kapono (Hawaiian Super star)… I'm still on the look out for new bands… but good metal bands that can compete with Megadeth or Metallica or even bands like Deep Purple or UFO are far and few... Ha KULA SHAKER… Crispian Mills (lead Singer) is the son of actress Hayley Mills and his aunt is Juliet Mills so he comes form British acting Royalty and the band was cool…. as well, dig the Australian band The Church amigos others ...

I have found information on your profile MySpace, that you live live on Island in the middle of the sea (Hawaii). Tell something more about this fabulous place. How this place affects on your mind, perception of world, relations with other people?
Hawaii is a real cool place! The people, it's culture, the weather and yes the beaches… To borrow a phrase… It's a "Place" with a capitol "P"... We do have a few metal bands one of the best is Corrupt Absolute (

Thanks for interview. All the best for you!
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Friday, April 1, 2011

Thanks to Trebuchet Magazine for this review of Fade To Black: Metallica by Bill Hale

Fade to Black by Bill Hale 1982-84

14th Feb 2011 in Art, by Scott J.Ryan
Metallica have been the kings of hard rock for three decades and are still kicking ass and taking names the way they did as fresh faced metallers all those years ago.
It's a testament to their legacy that even now; people of all ages still loftily revere them with the credence they deserve having sold over 150 million albums world wide. They still fill stadiums to breaking point and severely test the neck strength of metal heads all over the world.

Bill Hale - Metallica
So off to Proud Camden I sauntered with the heady notion I was about to be transported back to a time when the only thing that mattered was to bang the head that did not bang. The gallery has a collection of photos taken by Bill Hale during 1982-84 when the band was in its infancy. He was fortunate enough to capture the band at the start of their musical odyssey and also witness and document changes in the band's line up.
The photographs on display show the band both on and off stage and exude a real sense of energy and excitement. James Hetfield roaring at his flying V amongst a swirl of smoke whilst his blonde, manic main flails around him captured in black and white makes you want to time travel back to The Stone in San Francisco, just to scream right back at him.

Bill Hale - Metallica
As a confirmed Metallica sycophant I was in my element. The pictures carry an almost ethereal vibe due to their youth and current image being so vastly different and the fact the line up has been changed so drastically; through choice and of course the tragedy of Cliff Burton's sudden death in 1986. Fresh faced with bullet belts, greasy hair and battered equipment are as far away from Metallica now as is possible. And to see Dave Mustaine and Lars Ulrich with huge smiles on their faces and beers in their hands is quite a poignant image.

One of Cliff Burton's very first pictures as an official member of Metallica brought up mixed feelings for me; on first sight I was amazed at how such a talented bass player and obviously cool guy couldn't see that the double denim look is wrong whatever decade you're in and sadness because he wasn't given enough time on this planet to really make his mark. Of course he is rightfully praised but just imagine if he was still around today.

Bill Hale - Metallica

So after a load of free cava and a trip round the gallery twice the question "do I want to buy one?" popped up and was drunkenly considered for all of two minutes. They are a little pricey for my tastes but if things were different for me fiscally I would have gladly handed my money over and bought as many as I could lug home on the overground. The enormous global brand that is Metallica has very humble roots and Bill Hale was lucky enough to capture them at their angst ridden and speediest best. Back then it was all about sweat, blood and beers. Today it's mostly about making sure Lars doesn't collapse from exhaustion during 'One' and this exhibit brings that home with a thumping beauty.

Proud Camden Gallery
03/02/2011 – 03/04/2011
Complete catalog available by request. All prints available for purchase online through 4/2013

Thank you to weheart for this review of Fade to Black: Metallica by Bill Hale

Fade to Black: Metallica by Bill Hale

new exhibition celebrates raw energy of the fledgling superstars...

Fade to Black: Metallica by Bill Hale

February 2nd, 2011

Back in the early 80s, before pyrotechnics, orchestras and 24 month world tours, Metallica were tearing apart the ‘bay scene’, punishing audiences in California with their super-fast, raw metal. Photographer Bill Hale was in the right place at the right time and, celebrating 30 years in the business for heavy metal’s biggest band, Camden’s Proud Galleries have been granted unique access to Hale’s archive of Metallica between 1982 and 1984. Opening tomorrow (3rd February), this is the latest in a long line of inspirational exhibitions shown at Europe’s most popular private photography gallery and we’ve got an exclusive look at just some of the blisteringly powerful images on display…

Fade to Black runs at Camden’s Proud Galleries from 3rd February until 3rd April, all photographs © Bill Hale
Fade to Black: Metallica by Bill Hale

Cliff Burton, a friend and Dave Mustaine, “I remember Cliff, Dave and I walking out of the Stone after the show. The Photo bug hit me and I asked the guys to pose for a photo. Little did any of Us know that Dave would be asked to leave the band in a couple of weeks and Cliff would be gone forever in a few short years!”
March 19th, 1983. The Stone, San Francisco
Fade to Black: Metallica by Bill Hale

Backstage at the Old Waldorf. “Ron, James, Lars and Dave, my last attempt at a group shot with McGovney still in Metallica. It was clear that Ron was too normal for the rest of the band. So, Dave spilled beer on Ron’s jeans…”
October 18th, 1982. The Old Waldorf, San Francisco
Fade to Black: Metallica by Bill Hale

“Looking back, it was fun to see the band progress. Not just as musicians but as people… With down time between the tour in support of Ride the Lightning and a couple of months before the band was to start recording for Master of Puppets, I found Lars hanging out after an Iron Maiden gig. Lars had gone from a major fan of the music to signing autographs himself!”
July 3rd, 1985. San Jose Civic, San Jose Ca.
Fade to Black: Metallica by Bill Hale

James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich & Dave Mustaine back stage. “In retrospect, this image can speak volumes… Was Dave already getting on Lars’ short list? Was the tension between the two coming to a head?? Or just young Bulls being young Bulls???
Later that night Dave got his “revenge” so to speak in a post gig photo session…”
March 19th, 1983. The Stone, San Francisco
Fade to Black: Metallica by Bill Hale

Cliff Burton and Dave Mustaine “Now playing bass for Metallica… I give you Mr. Cliff Burton. Hamming around backstage just before Cliff walked on stage and into Heavy Metal History!!!”
March 5th, 1983. The Stone, San Francisco
Fade to Black: Metallica by Bill Hale

James on stage
March 5th, 1983. The Stone, San Francisco

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thanks to Classic Rock Magazine!

Thanks to Classic Rock Magazine for using our photographs for the "Metallica-the early years" article in this months issue (p.68-73) and for promoting our exhibit at Proud Galleries in Camden 2/3-4/3/11!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fade To Black: Metallica an excerpt from The Guardian UK

Fade To Black: Metallica

Bill Hale was hanging out with Metallica back in the day in the lead up to their debut Kill 'Em All. His photographs and recollections are exhibited in Fade To Black: Metallica at Proud Camden

Cliff Burton, Lars Ulrich, Dave Mustaine & James Hetfield back stage. I needed to get a "good" group shot. The 1st shot of this session was "typical" Metallica... Yelling and flipping off the camera!!! I asked the guys to keep it "cool" for just one shot... they did and here is the result... A smile Metallica! March 19th, 1983, The Stone, San Francisco

To view more pictures available at Proud Gallery go to the link in the title above and click on the icons below the main picture in the article by The Guardian UK

Metallica: The early days in pictures by The Guardian UK

Metallica: The early days in pictures

It's the wilds of 1982 and Metallica are on the up, working towards their acclaimed debut Kill 'Em All. An exhibition of photographs by Bill Hale at Proud Camden in London looks back at that period

Ron McGovney, James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich and Dave Mustaine backstage at the Old Waldorf, San Francisco, 18 October 1982 – Bill says: 'My last attempt at a group shot with McGovney still in Metallica. It was clear that Ron was too normal for the rest of the band. No, Dave spilt beer on Ron's jeans ...'

To view more pictures available at Proud Gallery go to the link in the title above and click on the icons below the main picture in the article by The Guardian UK

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thanks to Louie Bones of Big Wheel Online Magazine for this review of Metallica The Club Dayz 1982-1984!

Metallica: Club Dayz 1982-1984 by Bill Hale

January 24, 2011

Metallica: Club Dayz 1982-1984 by Bill HaleLongtime rock concert photographer Bill Hale’s collection of sought after Metallica photos have finally seen the light of day in his new book; Metallica: Club Dayz 1982-1984. Bill’s involvement with the band stems back to their earliest incarnation, a time when the boys of Metallica were hardly old enough to buy beer, though would still proudly earn the nickname “AlcoholicA“. This rare and very intimate look into the world of Metallica captures the 4 horsemen live in small club settings, amateur promo shots, and candid photos taken backstage at concerts in the San Francisco bay area. Bill Hale’s ability to transform himself from front row concert photographer into fly on the wall makes for a most interesting look at one of Metals longest surviving bands.

The book opens with anecdotes from long time Metallica associates involved in the early 80’s thrash scene. Bill Hale explains his fascination with capturing the very explosive band that took the heavy metal world by storm overnight. In those days and in small clubs photo passes and safe photo pits were non existent, so if a photographer was interested in getting “the right shot” one would have to get very up close in personal with the very violent head banging crowd. The visual experience gained is a tremendous effort and prime example of a photographer suffering for ones art. Brief descriptions of each photo with locations and dates are provided giving a band timeline. The first photos of Cliff Burton as a member of Metallica are here along with Dave Mustaine’s first and last photos as a member of the band. Kirk Hammet even makes a few appearances here, first as a member of Exodus hanging backstage with Dave Mustaine (who Kirk would replace). These photos are as rare as they get in the Metallica world!

Many esteemed photographers like Ross Halfin and Anton Corbijn would shoot Metallica in their later years and capture them in all their success fame and glory, though what makes this book more interesting to the casual or hardcore Metallica fan is that what’s captured here is pure metal and nothing more and nothing less (112 pages to be exact!). There aren’t private planes, fame, ego maniac’s or sold out 75,000 seater stadiums here. What we get here in “Club Dayz” is a raw look at a band that had drive and determination to play music and work hard on the club scene night after night in front of a growing army of fans.

Being a fan of Metallica, I’m glad that Bill Hale was there at the right place at the right time with his camera shooting away. This happens to be the earliest account of photos to surface on this bands early period, the innocence captured here is complete opposite of what the majority of fans would later come to see, and because of that this book is a must have for the true Metallica fan.

Here is a source for the book:
Metallica: Club Dayz 1982-1984 from

-Louie Bones-
Big Wheel Staff Reporter

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fade To Black: Metallica by Bill Hale

Invitation to the private viewing of Fade To Black: Metallica by Bill Hale