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Thanks to Tony and Tiffany of Metal Storm Magazine for this review of Metallica The Club Dayz 1982-1984

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Metallica The Club Dayz 1982-1984


The Club Dayz


Photography by Bill Hale

Written inserts by: Bill Hale, John Strednansky, Ron Quintana and Scott Earl.

All I can say is if you are a true Metal-head you have to own this book! Pretty much everyone (whether they know it or not) has seen Bill Hale’s photographs, but not the majority of these. This book possesses some rarely and never before seen Metallica pics from the beginning. Let’s face it, no matter what regard you hold them in now, back in the early days they were the definition of thrash metal!

I know very few musicians who were not inspired by some Metallica member (be it a current or former one), and this collection has pictures of them all. Not just the posed, give me your metal face shots; but of the guys being themselves (you know…real). This is a tribute to any musician that ever played in the band, so if you favor Dave Mustaine, this is a must have. If Cliff Burton is a better match, you’ll find no more memorable photos than these.

For about twenty bucks, you get Metallica shots from their first show and two years coverage at the peak of the band’s true metal years. I think this is a necessary part of anyone’s metal history collection.

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