Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thanks to Pedro of Metal Militia Metal Shop in Portugal for this review!

I have already got your Metallica book!!
I can't believe how awesome it is!! All i can say is that is everything i have desired to be!!
And it's a precious adiction to my Metallica colection!!

It's a very important piece of Metal history, you have witnessed and documented, you must very be proud to witnessed first hand the musical revolution that Metallica was creating in the very begining, and you also met Cliff Burton!!
That is as great as it gets!!

Keep up the good Work!

All the best.

Metal Militia


  1. Cool! Pedro is a dedicated fan, and a very good friend. Meet our club
    sweet kisses
    keep the good work

  2. Nice!

    Pedro is one of the few people I know who I can talk to about anything related to Metallica and can answer back. He (like me, hehe) is a true Metallica fan and I'm glad I could make this book reach his hands sooner...

    Metal Up Your Ass \m/

  3. Thank you for the comment you left me on facebook:) If you could check out my blog it would be wonderful, any kind of remarks or criticism is more than welcome. Thank you!