Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fade To Black: Metallica an excerpt from The Guardian UK

Fade To Black: Metallica

Bill Hale was hanging out with Metallica back in the day in the lead up to their debut Kill 'Em All. His photographs and recollections are exhibited in Fade To Black: Metallica at Proud Camden

Cliff Burton, Lars Ulrich, Dave Mustaine & James Hetfield back stage. I needed to get a "good" group shot. The 1st shot of this session was "typical" Metallica... Yelling and flipping off the camera!!! I asked the guys to keep it "cool" for just one shot... they did and here is the result... A smile Metallica! March 19th, 1983, The Stone, San Francisco

To view more pictures available at Proud Gallery go to the link in the title above and click on the icons below the main picture in the article by The Guardian UK

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